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Asterios Papastamatakis – FULL PACK – 200 Real-life Melodic and Rhythmic Exercise Ideas – Lessons 1-200


Real-life Melodic and Rhythmic Exercise Ideas in all 12 Keys for all Instruments – Printed – A4 Unclock format

A new approach to practising your improvisation skills with real jazz and blues exercises & chops.

  • 200 real life melodic and rhythmic exercises / ideas – each exercise is written in all 12 keys to help you develop your improvization skills and at the same practice in all scales.
  • You will find 2 bar ideas and also 4 bar or 8 bar musical phrases / exercises all along with the chord progressions.
  • Unclock format: delivered in loose pages for easy transfer and use in any A4 4 ring binder or together with other unclock stationary or agendas
  • Full access to watch all lessons in video format on joinatutor platform

Delivered in Unclock printing – Printed in A4 size with 4 standard holes for use in binders / folders.

What is Unclock printing

The book is printed without binding and delivered in loose pages. You can carry each exercise seperately or use it in any standard Α4 – 4 ring binder.

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Blank refills


  • 30 blank refill  A5 sheets
  • punctured to fit in six-ring binders
  • printed on paper in 5 colours
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First Lessons – A Notebook for EFL Teachers


  • a 30-page notebook for EFL teachers with ideas for first lessons
  • available in A4 and A5 formats
  • all pages are punctured so as to fit in ring-binder folders
  • lesson plans, a worksheet template, blank sheets and dotted grid sheets

Designed by Vika and Spring School of English

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Unclock Your Creativity Notebook


  • 25 exercises to spark your creativity
  • draw, doodle, scribble, write down your thoughts and unleash your creative flow
  • printed on A5 paper in ivory colour
  • all pages are punctured so as to fit in a standard A5 six-ring binder

Designed by unclock.eu

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A5 Notebook for Your thoughts, Your doodles and Your To-dos


  • 30 sheets to write down your thoughts, appointments, to-dos, lists and doodles
  • printed on paper of three different colours for easier navigation
  • original artwork included as dividers between different sections

Illustrations by Lana Stankovic

Designed by Unclock

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A4 Dividers with original artwork


  • 10 different A4 dividers
  • each divider features an original hand-drawn illustration
  • (for printed version) dividers are printed on 160g coloured paper and are binder-ready
  • use as dividers or artwork for your wall

Illustrated by Lana Stankovic

Designed by Unclock

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The Wind Rose


  • a short story about a little sailing boat which meets the eight winds of the Mediterranean on its journey. 
  • The Wind Rose helps children learn some simple facts about the winds
  • It helps them develop their sense of direction
  • All pages are left loose and punctured to fit in A5 six-ring binders
  • Eight original tracks with qanun music accompany the story
  • Original artwork included on each page
  • One-sided print allows for extra space for doodling, drawing, note-taking

written and illustrated by Clio Tsimi

music by Ilias Mantikos

11 pages


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Colour, Draw, Write, Create Colouring Book | 33 Hand-Drawn Pages


  • 33 pages with hand-drawn images
  • All images are drawn in grey making it easy to draw over
  • All pages are loose and punctured to fit in four-ring binders
  • Drawings can be coloured in, drawn over and continued
  • Create your own images on top by finishing the drawings and adding details of your own
  • Extra space allows for doodling, drawing, writing poetry or scribbling down thoughts
  • Read the story behind this colouring book 

Designed by Lana and Vika

Illustrated by Daca Stankovic

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