Green Peas Plus Spicy Sausage

V just arrived. It was her first day in the new city.  J had been waiting for her for months.  The moving company would be delivering all the stuff the next day. It was early June.  Not that hot for the city. Around 2 pm.  And really hungry.

I had talked to V. about a surprisingly delicious spicy sausage I had tried some days before with green beans and now it was the perfect chance to try the same sausage again. The fridge had a frozen green peas pack from yesterday’s order from the newly launched online supermarket in the city. And the deli store with the sausages was only a few blocks away.

I took V to the Deli store to get the spicy sausage. “You remember those small sausages  I asked for ten days ago?” I asked the man behind the counter. He smiled and gave us a pair of small sausages.

Back to the kitchen. The ingredients at hand were just enough to try this sausage for the first time with green peas. One red onion, two cloves of garlic, extra virgin olive oil (straight from my godfather’s home production), tomato juice and some cherry tomatoes.

I put some olive oil into the non-stick pan, and finely chopped the onion. The garlic needed to be sliced into thin sheets. Straight to the pan and the sizzling sound began instantly. As did the smell. Fantastic!  Time for the frozen green peas. Just five minutes of sauteing and the green peas are in perfect harmony with the onion and garlic.  Keep stirring to get it done.

Time for the tomato juice and the cherry tomatoes! One carton of ready made tomato juice into the pan (about 250 ml) and 10 cherry tomatoes sliced in the middle. Add some boiling water and the mix is ready to cook!

Two quite generous pinches of salt, some peppercorns fresh from our mill, some allspice, and some more olive oil!

It took around 40m minutes and the mix was ready not to be served but to be joined with the spicy sausages. Sausages chopped into small pieces and tossed into the pan with the mix. 15 minutes were enough for the smell and the juices of the sausage to spread all over the mix. And the food was ready to serve!

Just two accompaniments – feta cheese and toasted dark bread for 3 minutes.

Voila! Welcome V!

Music background: Vivaldi 4 seasons.


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