We are true booklovers and we would never dare to rip a page out of a perfectly bound book (we belong to those who can’t even bring themselves to underline text for fear of tainting the original!) But, like all true booklovers, we DO have the compulsive need to interact with what we’re reading through note-taking, drawing or doodling. Unclock allows for all this freedom due to its simple but unique format. 

All Unclock publications have been punctured to fit in the Unclock covers, which you can use for a number of publications without the need to repurchase the cover itself. 

We believe that books speak to us all in different ways. Sometimes, a single passage or even a sentence is what can “unlock” something in you. You might want to put that passage or a sentence on display as a personal reminder or even give it to someone as a gift.

The idea behind Unclock is the complete freedom to tailor your reading experience to your own needs and taste. You can arrange the sheets in any way you like. For instance, you can include a blank sheet after each page of the book you’re reading for your notes on the page read, your sketches or doodles, your personal reminder or a to-do list. If you place them after every X number of pages, they can serve as visual breaks from the text. The thicker sheets are handy as dividers, too. Unclock is all about taking your time to get back in touch with all your senses and taking the whole reading experience into your own hands. 

The Unclock team